Impact Mobile Has a New Look

To:  Impact100 Mobile 2022 Members

FROM:  Your Board of Directors

New name, new look, same mission!

The vision to start a Mobile Chapter of Impact100 began in Fall of 2019, when Founding Vice-President Rená Davis attended the Annual Grant Award event of Impact100 Baldwin County chapter.

Rená shared her dream of starting a chapter in Mobile County with two of her friends, Stacy Cummings and Lyndsey Dixon. After the pandemic, Danlee Budney joined them in February of 2021 and reignited their passion to form a chapter. Together, these four women built the infrastructure while enlisting the assistance of other amazing women in their community, and creating an all-volunteer committed Board of Directors that enabled the Impact100 Mobile dream to become a reality. The Impact100 Mobile chapter is beginning to empower a local and diverse group of women of all ages, stages of life, income levels and backgrounds to join together to fund transformational grants to eligible nonprofits in Mobile County. We look forward to funding our first grant of at least $100,000 in Spring of 2023.

The national Impact100 Council has been helping chapters get up and running through word-of-mouth and national meetings at which ideas are shared.  This past year, Impact100 Global employed the services of a national marketing and branding agency to more formally align the chapters into a global entity.  The goal is to promote, through media and public relations, the global influence and achievements of the more than 65 chapters (and growing) around the world.  Your Demo chapter is joining forces with other chapters to promote the collective impact of all Impact100 chapters and to take advantage of the momentum the national organization is developing.

Please check out our new website at and add it to your favorites.  Also, check out our new Facebook page @impact100mobile and our Instagram and LinkedIn accounts with the same new name.

You can reach us at and through the website listed above.

Welcome to the exciting world of Impact Mobile.